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When was the last time you had an air ducts or air vents cleaning service done in your home or office?
For many people, the answer to that question is never, but you should be having this service done on a regular basis.

General health concerns alone are worth the peace of mind.

Why Use a Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Service?

There are several reasons to have air vent / air duct cleaning done on a regular basis:

  • Simply improve indoor air quality with clean air to breathe.

  • Your air vents and ducts collect pollutants from many activities and external sources, such as cooking, smoking, or open doors or windows that bring in the use of pesticides and herbicides, etc.

  • Dirty air intake filters can stress the ventilation system while also recirculating contaminants and various toxins, chemicals, dirt, dust and organic irritants potentially related to allergies.

  • Pet hairs, pollen, dust particles, fibers (some, such as asbestos, are even carcinogenic), dust mites, and even mold can build up in air ducts.

  • Rodents and insects can crawl inside air ducts and contaminate them with droppings and feces, as well as other organic by-products.

  • Dirty ducts are one of many sources of particles that present themselves in homes. Severely clogged air ducts and vents that reduce indoor air quality may make breathing a little more stressful, possibly, for babies, small children, the elderly, or a person with a compromised immune system.

  • Lack of a thorough and periodic cleaning regimen may tend to prolong difficulties beyond the seasons in which they are normally found. For instance, one might suffer allergic responses in winter when furnaces start up and circulate spring and summer pollens from fouled vents and ducts into the rooms of your home.

  • Numerous biological contaminations should be removed by proper service to affected filters, ducts and vents.

If you have any of these conditions make an appointment for our expert cleaning service.

Air Duct and Air Vent Cleaning May Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency

  • Severely clogged air ducts and vents could make your heating and air conditioning systems less effective, having to work harder and possibly impeding the proper air flow and overall efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

  • A duct cleaning can help to bring a heating/air conditioning system back to peak efficiency.

  • Restricted airflow may also make the system less efficient, causing it to cycle through heating and cooling cycles more often or longer, while not completely creating the comfort levels desired. This increased cycling is stressful to the equipment and will create greater and faster wear and tear.

Professional Duct Cleaning Service for Your Home

At Diaz Heating and Air, we have a team of trained technicians who can handle your vent and air duct cleaning on a regular basis. Our indoor air specialists have the tools and equipment to ensure this is done professionally and reliably.

If you need to have your ducts cleaned, call us at (916) 429-2072 or (530) 756-7770 or (209) 474-5800 and we’ll be happy to send one of our trained specialists to your home to check them today. We service the entire Sacramento area for air duct cleaning.

Important Note:
Remember to ask about having an indoor air quality test done. It will give you a picture of the actual condition of your indoor air.

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