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Air duct cleaning and air vent cleaning, including the changing of clogged and dirty filters, is a positive step towards maintaining your family’s good health. Just as a body has its own lines of defense for the protection of the organism, a house has its analogous systems. Not paying attention to this and neglecting its importance can lead to some unwanted, even deadly consequences.


Air Duct Cleaning and Air Vent Cleaning and Health

The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air can have pollutant levels 2 to 5 times as high as outdoor air. The variety of such pollutants and their manner of entering the home is varied. Many are likely affected to some degree by the existence of proper vents, ducting and filtering, and this, in turn, will be greatly influenced by proper cleaning and maintenance of the system. This system is part of the “breathing” mechanism of a modern house. The air quality within a house can contribute to controlling or preventing unnecessary exposure to unwanted risks and environmental issues.

How Often to Do Air Duct Cleaning in Sacramento Areas

The EPA recommendation is “as needed” and not on a specific calendar schedule. This means that you need to be somewhat knowledgeable about and aware of the specific needs and conditions of your particular home and those living in it.

There are different levels of service. The most thorough and professional includes cleaning of air circulation mechanisms and cabinets, cleaning of condensation coils and cleaning and inspection of other parts of the system in addition to the vents, registers and ducts. Cleaning the latter three helps, but is incomplete as the other parts may be equally or more important in the presence of contaminants and their possible recirculation. When asking for a cleaning, verify which level you are being charged for.

Signs Indicating the Need for Air Vent Cleaning

  • Odd odors: Detecting faint or not so faint odors coming from registers and vents? Dusty, sickly, or rotting smells? This may indicate undue buildup of dust and contaminants, or even the presence of rotting mice or other animals that died in the ducting. Air duct cleaning is a must, but also inspection and handling of any entry points is recommended.

  • Animal or insect droppings: Rat or mice feces or insect droppings accumulating in visible areas in ducts? These may carry mild to very dangerous health risks. Cleaning is a must, but also expert inspection and handling of any entry points is recommended.

  • Accumulations of hair, fiber and dust: This should be at least vacuumed out periodically. Note that while there will always be some degree of this, large accumulations can be a breeding point for viruses, bacteria, dust mites, insects and other unwanted guests.

  • Accumulated moisture: If this occurs, there may be a situation that needs to be addressed. A leaky pipe, undue condensation on cooling or heating coils, plugged condensation water runoff tubes, leaky or overflowing condensation collection pans are some examples. Remember, Legionnaire’s Disease was traced to the toxic growth and subsequent dispersal into the air ducts of a fungus spore.

  • Blockages: These will at least affect air flow and proper functioning of the system. Worst case scenarios could be from damage to ducts, dead animals in the ducts, or extreme accumulations of dirt, fibers, hair or other contaminants. Some of these could be a health hazard.

  • Medical issues: If there have been an unusual number of colds, respiratory problems or just generally unwell people, then it is recommended to have a professional assure none of it is from exposure to something coming from the air ventilation system of the house.

For Full Air Vent and Air Duct Cleaning, Contact a Pro

The installation of especially suited equipment and accompanying strategies may be necessary to address certain health needs. For instance, positive ventilation systems to eliminate ingress of irritants and allergens, special HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and extra care with seals at possible inlets into the house—as in doors, windows, and around fixtures with possible openings to the attic or under the house. Such measures may be advisable to help with providing care for those with extreme allergies and asthma.


Some of the most straightforward air vent and duct cleaning can be done by Sacramento homeowners to help maintain the cleanliness of the system until a more thorough professional cleaning is required. For comprehensive and technically accurate service to your air duct system, always call in a trained and licensed professional.

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