All about Heat Transfer Products in 500 Words

First, a word about heat. In the Oxford American Dictionary, the physics definition refers to heat as “a form of energy arising from the random motion of the molecules of bodies, which may be transferred by conduction, convection, or radiation.”

Have you ever realized that heat and cold are not different things but simply different levels of the same thing? That thing is theoretically energy as motion. Relatively little molecular motion means little energy and is perceived as being cold. A relatively high level of motion means greater energy and will be perceived as heat.


What are Heat Transfer Products?

Heat transfer products, then, could be defined as any process or device that takes part in, creates or relies on the transfer of energy from one place to another for the specific purpose of arriving at a certain level of energy of motion (cold or heat) in order to create a desired effect. This would usually include such things as the freezing, cooling or heating of environments, solids, liquids, gasses, materials, and scientific, industrial, artistic or other processes, but not exclude other applications with the management of cold or heat as part of their critical function.

The History of Heat Transfer Products

The “discovery of fire” is an early episode, probably preceded by the realization that people could huddle together to stay warm. Throughout subsequent millennia, hard-won ideas were employed to make man’s use of heat more effective. Much was probably based on incompletely understood observations. The turning point is likely when man’s experimentations and discoveries led to the concept that he could reverse the heating process and make things colder by manipulating heat sources, chemicals, gasses and pressures. He was beginning to get a real handle on this fact of heat and cold being more fundamentally related as manifestations of the same thing.

Enter an Evolution in the Use of Heating and Cooling

As with any increased understanding of a field, a door opens for a wider application of the principles involved. Thus you have the furnace man who becomes the HVAC professional!


When you search for hot water heaters, boilers, stoves, furnaces, coolers, air conditioners, and heat pumps, plus parts, accessories, supplies and more, you will also find them under heat transfer products. And yet, this is such a narrow list. You may also find hot or cold storage facility manufacturing for large quantities of milk, beer, wine, or controlled temperature vessels for spacecraft fuels.

HVAC Pros Well Versed in Heat Transfer Products

No one claims that your local HVAC technician is soon going to help send anyone into space. But you’ll find that he will sell, install, repair and service a much wider selection of equipment than ever before. And perhaps many of these products will not be used only for heating and cooling people and buildings. They may be new and innovative applications for achieving the original aims of the fireplace or fan.

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