Central vs. Room Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes down to air conditioning installation for your home, there are two main ways to go: central air conditioning or individual room air conditioners. Read on to find out more about each of them and decide which type is right for you.


About Central Air Conditioning Installation

For homes where air conditioning is a must for the entire house, it is more practical to go with central air conditioning installation. Central air conditioners are efficient for homes that already have existing ductwork, because this can also be the pathway for cool air to be distributed within the home.

What is also important when you are considering having central air conditioning installation is the level of seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER. With central air conditioners, the higher the SEER level, the higher the savings on your electric bill.

A key thing to remember with central air conditioning installation is the size of the unit. A common problem with those who prefer central air conditioners is that they buy units that are oversized in proportion to their homes. This will ultimately cost more in energy, as it requires more power to operate the unit while also running at lower efficiency.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioning Installation

Given that central air conditioners “cover more ground” in terms of the cooling process, most homeowners would not need to buy more than one central air conditioner for the entire house. The air conditioning installation can be done at or near the center of the house, where the system then distributes cool air throughout, with the use of strategically placed duct passages.


About Room Air Conditioning Installation

Room air conditioners are smaller units that are usually compact enough to fit into a window. As the term implies, the cooling capacity of a room air conditioner is generally limited to a certain room, the specifications of which should be correctly matched to that of the unit. An oversized unit means wasted energy, while an insufficiently small air conditioner will consume energy without providing adequate cooling.

Advantages of Room Air Conditioning Installation

Room air conditioners are at a disadvantage when it comes to cooling an entire house. However, they are a beneficial form of air conditioning installation when used as a supplemental source of cooling for any rooms that are especially warm. Some models are basically freestanding and even wheeled, to allow easy portability from room to room. If you want to “spot cool” one part of the house at a time, a room air conditioner would be the most convenient and economical choice.


Central or room AC: no matter which way you decide to keep your home cool and comfortable, it’s best to consult with a reliable air conditioning installation specialist to make sure you’ve made the right choice, and to have the job done safely.

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