Controlling the Costs of Heating and Air Conditioning

Like many things in life, air conditioning works in the background and is more or less expected to function without attracting attention to itself. However, taking a home’s HVAC system for granted can come back to bite us, often when we need its benefits the most. The reliability and efficient service of air conditioning equipment can be negatively or positively affected by several factors.


Air Conditioning Factors to Consider:

Correctly planned and implemented installation dramatically affects the reliability and efficiency of heating and air conditioning. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • The size and layout of the spaces needing service dramatically determines the size and quality of equipment that will do the job.

  • The more the size and quality of the equipment matches the needs of the space, the more efficient and cost effective it will be.

  • Proper venting and ducting is vital to all heating and cooling systems. Correct insulation and sealing of possible leaks is an important part of this. Without these factors in place, a good percentage of efficiency, along with comfort and economy, can be lost. Additionally, sufficient ducting for flow and volume can make or break the usefulness of any system.

Regular HVAC Maintenance and Repair: the Second Half of the Equation

  • Any mechanical system not properly and regularly maintained or repaired will tend to break down, and it will often do so in the most inopportune and calamitous way.

  • Even the seemingly less critical regular maintenance can affect both service and reliability, as well as cost of operation. One example is the settings and condition of heating burners. Another is the build-up of dust and contaminants in ducting and filters. A third is sufficient charging of cooling systems.

Solutions for Good HVAC Management

  • If you have not yet installed this equipment in your new or currently being refurbished home, consult an HVAC expert before going too far beyond the planning and framing stage. He may be able to recommend important and basic structural allowances to make for optimum positioning of the equipment and ducting.

  • If dealing with an existing system, call on a professional to come out and do an inspection and assessment of the condition and efficiency of the existing equipment. He may be able to make cost saving and efficiency-related improvements, and at the same time, can do an air quality test to ensure that you don’t have factors present that may affect the health of you or others in the home.

  • Rather than waiting till the last moment in summer or fall, it is usually more economical and less troublesome to sign up for a regular maintenance and inspection routine. Not only will this prevent being caught unprepared in extremes of weather with a system functioning poorly or not at all, but it will remove the hassle of having to remember to call someone for periodic servicing. Don’t forget, as well, that if this HVAC servicing is for a place of work or business, a sudden failure may also serve to chase away customers or make production more difficult in extra cold or hot conditions.

  • Many companies will offer special rates for regulars and may have seasonal specials or regular service contracts that can save the customer money. It is also in their interest to be able to predict when to service you. Calling around ahead of time allows you to find the best deal for you and stick with a reliable company on an ongoing basis. If an emergency arises, you’ll have a familiar and trusted specialist to contact.

Make Use of Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Experts

It is rare for the typical homeowner or commercial property owner to know the intricacies of this sort of specialized equipment. The education and training that an HVAC specialist acquires, along with experience and knowledge of a variety of dedicated tools and procedures, prepare him for whatever challenges your home’s HVAC may throw his way.

Avoid the excessive wear and tear and unnecessary expense of running heating and air conditioning equipment that is improperly installed, maintained or repaired. It is not too soon to call a professional today and ask about the testing, service and maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment. Give your HVAC the proper and timely attention it deserves, and it won’t let you down.

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