Furnace Repair and Energy Tips for Folsom

Nearly half of all home power needs are for heating and air conditioning, making it critical that they be maintained at peak performance. Furnace repair programs impact energy use in locales such as Folsom, CA, where urban, suburban and rural settings are combined.


Furnace Repair and Energy Concerns: Old vs. New

Not surprisingly, any diverse area will have an equally varied representation of technologies spanning the decades. While pre-1977 technologies in furnaces were only as little as 50-60% efficient, current models go upwards from 80 to 97%. Previous ducting techniques and poor installations in ducting are known to waste as much as 25-40%. These figures are based on optimum conditions, but you get the picture. Furnaces and other heating technologies have vastly improved, and upgrading to a more efficient model can be well worthwhile.

Furnace Repair Interfaces with Other Energy Factors

An HVAC company well trained in furnace repair is usually also set up to do home energy efficiency audits. There are energy waste conditions that can turn your residence or place of business into an energy and money waster and could therefore be considered an extension of your furnace repair. Major factors in this category include:

  • Overall level and condition of insulation, especially in attics. Many older California homes never had insulation at all or were insulated to former inferior standards. This means a great deal of heating and cooling expense simply leaks away while the building is seldom maintained at a comfortable temperature.

  • Poorly weatherized and insulated doors and windows are a major cause of energy loss. Your heating and cooling money actually goes out the window or walks out the door while you experience uncomfortable drafts and fluctuations in temperature.

  • Other sources of heating and cooling loss exist around lighting and outlets, foundations, and any interruptions in walls or roofs for vents, electrical services and other fixtures. These spots can reduce overall efficiency and drive up energy costs.

Furnace Repair a Starting Point for Efficient Energy Use

At first glance, the following may seem beyond the personal considerations of the homeowner looking at furnace repair or upgrade. But these factors do directly affect the individual in some important ways.

The effects of you and all your friends and associates, their friends and associates, ad infinitum, repairing and upgrading heating systems:

  • Tweaks and maintains high furnace and power use efficiency for the individual, the service area, the state, and even the country

  • Helps prevent, reduce, or control temporary or long-term scarcities of fuels and failures in “the grid” and frees up financial and energy resources for other purposes

  • Helps reduce spiraling energy costs and promotes a smooth economy and comfortable level of lifestyle

  • Reduces dependency on outside energy sources and fuels and in turn improves national security which extends down the chain to the individual


    Long-term power use concerns plague electricity, natural gas, propane and other fuel and energy suppliers, as well as government officials and representatives in public and private agencies. Ultimately, it is the individual acting in concert with all other individuals who will solve this.

    To this end, many programs have been introduced to aid in the maintaining and upgrading of major appliances that directly impact energy resources. Furnace repair and HVAC unit upgrades, along with home weatherization measures, are some of the most major areas of address to this issue.

    Contact a reliable HVAC specialist who covers the Folsom area for expert furnace repair, upgrades and other heating and AC needs, as well as directing you towards any local financing and aid programs.

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