Heating Repair Service May Demand Furnace Replacement

Any needed furnace replacement should be done prior to the heating season. The Sacramento area weather allows some leeway, but if put off too long, the homeowner risks being caught with a poorly or non-functioning appliance during peak demand. Your best bet is to start with a heating repair service call to reliable experts who can undertake a thorough assessment of the efficiency level of your present furnace and its related parts and equipment.


Why Consider Furnace Replacement?

Full replacement can seem costly, but in the long run it may be the thriftiest move. Just as with air conditioning, proper timing in installing a new furnace has less to do with failure of the equipment than it does with other significant factors. A prompt heating repair service call will be your most helpful tool in determining the following:

  • Combining AC and Heating: Perhaps your cooling system has proven to be inefficient and costly. If you have an older furnace and are already looking to upgrade or add a central AC unit, adding a combined system at this time may be just what you need. It allows using the same ducting and blower system for distributing air for both AC and heat.

  • Significant Improvement in Efficiency: If your existing furnace is more than 15-20 years old, it is almost certainly wasting valuable resources. The efficiency of heating systems has improved as much as of 20% and even higher in more recent years.

  • Insulated and Sealed Ducting: Poorly sealed and insulated ducting can be a major source of diminished efficiency (20% or more) in getting heat from the furnace to remote rooms of the house. New techniques significantly improve this process.

  • High Efficiency Furnaces: Some new furnaces are so efficient they no longer need a chimney. Even the heat of the exhaust gasses is recovered before they are vented to the outside. The advantage this offers is that, besides capturing the otherwise lost heat, the chimney, a major loss of household heat, can be blocked off and insulated or done away with.

  • New blower motors: The highest electrical use in a furnace is the blower motor. Special new variable speed motors can now bring about significant energy savings along with improved service. In combined heating and AC units, the same motor is used and in each case adjusts its speed according to demand. The resulting temperature is more even and motors are not always running on full. The motors use about a third as much energy to start up, are relatively maintenance free and run without building up as much heat in the bearings.

Heating Repair Service Can Be Revealing

The best advice is to call in an HVAC professional to inspect the furnace system you now have. He can help make a determination as to the viability of replacement by assessing factors such as the need for ducting, ducting plan, insulation, cost of new unit, installation costs and change-over considerations.

You should also consider getting an evaluation of your overall house efficiency and include in any suggested replacement strategy tasks such as bolstering necessary insulation and adding insulated windows, as recommended for the highest efficiency and comfort.

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