How Does Air Duct Cleaning Work?

You may have heard about air duct cleaning and wondered exactly what this process is, and how it works. In recent years, there has been an improved how air duct cleaning works awareness about indoor air pollution caused by smoke, mold, pollen and other substances. There are some myths about whether air duct cleaning is necessary but it is to effectively fight indoor air pollution. One way to fight these pollutants is by having your air ducts cleaned. Read on to learn more about how this works.


First, the air duct cleaning contactor will hook your duct system up to a negative pressure machine. A powerful vacuum will run as he cleans the ducts using special brushes and cleaners. The debris that is removed will get sucked out of your home using this machine.

Next, depending on how your system is put together, the contractor will use a sanitizer to clean the ducts. This helps kill mold, bacteria and other organisms that may be living in your system. Finally, he will check for leaks in your ductwork and use special sealants to fill any gaps. This will help with the efficiency of your system and keep it cleaner.

Do not underestimate the importance of regular air duct cleaning. That being said, having your air ducts cleaned is a major undertaking and not one that many people have the equipment or ability to do themselves. Check around and hire a skilled professional to help you with this service and you will be rewarded with lower energy bills, a better climate controlled home and cleaner air. This is well worth the cost hiring a professional to help you with this task and Alley Heating and Air is there for all you HVAC, furnace repair, or A/C needs.

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