Modern Thermostats: A Hot 3-Ring Circus of Chills & Frills!

With the advent of modern thermostats containing current state-of-the-art technology, heating and cooling systems come with more sophisticated capabilities than ever before. The relative accessibility and low cost of components, along with the application of computer software and hardware concepts, bring to the heating and cooling system market devices now considered vital in this age of demand for green technologies combined with the ultimate in comfort features.

What’s the Best Deal, a $30 Thermostat or one for $250?


Wait, it’s a trick question. It’s the $250 model, and here’s why. Energy bills cost the average household around $2,200 a year. Energy Star research has shown that the new programmable and multi-featured thermostats generally save on energy costs in the neighborhood of $300 to $400 a year. What are you getting for that extra few hundred dollars in thermostat cost? The imaginative innovation of useful features has resulted in this list of some favorites:

  • When it comes to programmable thermostats, the best of the best can actually “learn” your personal needs and habits automatically and thereby adjust heating and cooling to fit. They are also sophisticated enough to switch in accordance with unusual weather or other conditions.

  • Along with the above, at least one model can sense when you or someone in your home is using a room. If you leave, the thermostat will automatically shift the service of heating and cooling systems accordingly, reducing energy used and saving cash.

  • Another recent feature is WiFi capability. Been away on a trip, but expect to be home soon and want it warm or cool upon your return? Use your laptop or cell phone to activate your heating and cooling system to make the house comfortable for your arrival. Most programmable thermostats already have a vacation feature, but to deactivate and set it for existing circumstances, you must do it onsite and wait for a comfortable temperature, especially if your return was unscheduled. Many units, however, do allow all settings and adjustments to be made remotely, as if you were standing there in front of the thermostat.

  • WiFi compatible thermostat models can also be updated easily whenever new software is available. Some models are compatible with up to 95% of the heating and cooling systems available and have software to match what you have, whether gas, propane, electric or oil.

  • How about this? Another available feature allows the thermostat to check local weather conditions and make necessary adjustments to provide planned temperature ranges accordingly.

  • Some have software algorithms incorporated that adjust heating and cooling systems to operate more smoothly over a longer period of time, thus using less fuel than quick start ups or cooling periods demand.

Ask the Pros about Programmable Thermostats


There are additional convenient thermostat features to be had, such as better visibility of temperature display, more esthetically pleasing design, and user-friendlier controls. The point is, there are so many variations on the market to consider, you may need to review a number of options before making a final selection to suit most needs.

Ask your local HVAC specialist about specifics to consider in making the right programmable thermostat choice, including the best overall features and optimum energy and financial savings for your investment.

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