Spring Cleaning for AC Includes Ducts, Registers and Vents

Or… reasons NOT to avoid a thorough spring cleaning for your heating and cooling system! Within a few short months we’ll be regularly using our AC again, so now is the time for the HVAC pros to clean out the airflow areas of your entire system. In any home with a combined heating and cooling system, heating duct cleaning is part of summer preparation, since the furnace and AC share the ducting.

A spring spruce-up for these portions of your system includes cleaning around the fan, motor and compartment area, as well as the ducts, registers and vents. It also means that the filter is checked and usually replaced. At the same time, coolant can be checked and refilled if needed, cooling coils cleaned, electronic circuits tested, thermostat operation verified, and drain pan operation and drain tube checked.


Advantages of Duct Cleaning Services

  • Airflow is maintained at an optimum level, insuring good use of your cooling expense.

  • Stresses on the fan and other system parts are greatly minimized, reducing operational costs and wear on parts (plus costs of repair and replacement), and extending system life.

  • Signs of non-optimum conditions can be spotted and handled with plenty of leeway before high demand times hit.

  • Accumulations of dust, mildew, mites and various particulates are removed, reducing tendency towards being blown back into residential spaces and causing or antagonizing allergic reactions.

  • Removal of the above also helps maintain fresher smelling air.

Don’t Miss the Dryer, an Often Overlooked Duct


Though not usually an item thought of as falling under the purview of an HVAC professional, your dryer vent and exhaust tube are actually simply another form of duct. This one is especially critical to maintain in its cleanest state, since it is in such close proximity to high heat and is a known source of fires.

According to Consumer Reports, “as many as 15,000 fires start in the laundry room every year when lint from clothes dryers builds up and catches fire. Those fires result in up to 19 deaths per year.” Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) adds that an average of 310 injuries and more than $84.4 million in property damage results from dryer fires.

Here are some key facts to know:

  • Consumer Reports recommends using regular tube venting rather than the flexible type as the latter is prone to sagging and accumulating lint in the low spots. The ridges also trap lint.

  • In the event of a fire, a metal vent is more likely to trap and contain a fire.

  • Ducts of any kind should be cleaned regularly. This helps prevent excessive heat buildup and reduces fire danger. It also makes drying shorter and more efficient and therefore preserves energy and costs of operation.

A proficient HVAC specialist, while providing service to your heating and cooling system ducts, can also clean your dryer vent and install an upgraded all-metal duct for you, should you prefer that option. Call and get full details on what is included in this service and how it can be combined into the overall heating duct cleaning you are already receiving.

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