Spring is Almost Here: Schedule Your Heating and Air Service Now!

Winter’s chill is waning but it’s still not too warm; the spring months are usually mild and just the perfect time to schedule some thorough heating and air service for your home. Be fully prepared for the hot season around the corner, rather than in a last-minute rush to have your heating and cooling system brought up to speed for some of its most demanding use.

Anticipate Heating and Air Service Demands: Don’t be Caught Unprepared


Discovering in the midst of fierce California summer heat that you’ve neglected to get your AC checked and that it’s not working well (or at all!) can mean one or more of the following:

  • You find yourself coping without your valuable cooling system just when it should be working the hardest to keep you comfortable.

  • Worse yet, you have to compete with everyone else in the same fix and get an HVAC company to come out and take a look when demand is high and scheduling competitive.

  • You must suffer through the heat longer than anticipated because you discovered so late that your system needs a major overhaul or even replacement.

  • An interim emergency repair may cost more than if you had planned ahead and gotten a more cost-effective replacement or repair when it was most efficient and convenient.

  • You find your AC needs replacing, but now you have to take time to finance it.

  • Parts have to be ordered and shipped in, causing further potential down time.

  • Your summer guests have arrived and you’re entertaining them by handing out iced tea and cold washcloths in an effort to cool down. Tempers grow short.

Maybe your system is working, but lack of timely heating and air service can result in:

  • Unpleasant odors from dirty filters, vents and ducts

  • Allergies or infections kicking up due to the same unclean filters, vents and ducts

  • Overwork and wear on the system

  • Unrestrained condensation from lack of servicing threatening to cause damage and even lead to mold

  • Inefficient cooling, causing you to wonder why you are paying so much in energy bills just to sit and sweat

  • Unusual sounds or indications of possible system failure that keep you awake at night

What if I Didn’t Think Ahead for My Heating and Air Service?


A good HVAC company will provide service to any customer in their service area within 24 hours any day of the week. But it makes better sense to avoid any or all of the above problems by staying ahead of the game. There are often economic incentives for doing so.

Check with your local HVAC specialist for special coupons and other offers to encourage scheduling heating and air service during slower times of the year. Look for a preferred customer club whose membership plan includes savings on everything from installations to seasonal maintenance services.

And, remember, once you hit the fall of the year, there are similar concerns related to your furnace and other heating-related equipment. Don’t delay; set yourself up for heating and air service now!

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