The Importance of Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Because of the unavoidable heat during the peak summer months, air conditioning units are used by most warm climate households to keep cool all day. This also means that your air conditioning unit experiences the most wear and tear during the hottest months of the year.


Ensure the longevity of your unit by taking some simple tips to keep your air conditioning duct clean. Your local air conditioning specialists will be familiar with the type of material that your particular duct is made of (such as fiber board, sheet metal or fiberglass), and the best method of duct cleaning required for each type.

Consider Accumulation & Contaminants in Duct Cleaning

Considerable growth in your unit, which can include molds and dust particles, is one concrete sign that air conditioning duct cleaning should be undertaken. It is important that the duct cleaning be properly done by an expert, as substandard or haphazard cleaning methods can cause permanent damage to your air conditioning unit.

Duct Cleaning: Don’t Overdo It!

Ideally, air conditioning duct cleaning is not always required on a predictable basis. Rather, the schedule for this is determined on an as-needed basis or in cases where mold, debris or pests are clogging the duct. According to experts, it is best to keep air conditioning duct cleaning schedules to at least once every one to two years, depending on the necessity.

Consider other factors such as pets, the environment, the weather, and any possible household construction or other renovations that may affect the quality of air that is passing through the air conditioning duct. It’s best to have an assessment of ducts done on a routine basis, particularly if there are factors such as the above that may increase the need for professional duct cleaning.

Filters Keep Duct Cleaning Under Control

In addition to having air conditioning duct cleaning properly perform, remember to also have filters checked and changed regularly. Instead of cleaning the duct on a frequent basis, it is more advisable to regularly change or clean any and all filters as needed.


In addition, it’s also advisable to regularly clean the home, as this will help in preventing unnecessary clogging of your air conditioning ducts. Use a high efficiency vacuum to remove as much dust as possible, so that it can’t tamper with the quality and general cleanliness of air conditioning ducts.

Find a Good Duct Cleaning Service

When it comes to reliable air conditioning duct cleaning, it is best to find an experienced company to handle the job. Ensure that the service provider will not use any chemical treatments that may be harmful to the unit or to your household. They should also comply with the NADCA’s air conditioning duct cleaning standards, to ensure that your unit will be in safe hands.

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