Tips on Air Conditioning Maintenance

The summer months bring intense heat. The best way to cool down is to turn on the air conditioning. However, it’s easy to forget that these units have to be periodically cleaned, as impurities such as dust and dirt can not only enter them and affect the quality of the air, they can also lessen the overall flow and general efficiency of your unit. Care for your air conditioning system by taking the necessary steps to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning.


Air Conditioning Maintenance and the Air Filter

Have you experienced days when your room doesn’t seem to be any cooler, despite having the air conditioning on full blast all of the time? This can be due to the need for replacement of a dirty air filter, one of the key ingredients in good air conditioning maintenance.

Dirt can affect the heat-absorbing capacity and a unit, and clogged filters obstruct the air flow and reduce its overall efficiency. Have an experienced company check and clean or replace any soiled or worn air filters as soon as possible.

The Drain Can Be a Drain on Air Conditioning

The air conditioning drain can accumulate debris and residue from months of frequent or continual use. While this might not affect the efficiency of the unit, it can lead to excessive dripping that can discolor house walls or flooring, or to unnecessary buildup and blockage.

Make sure to ask the company responsible for your air conditioning maintenance to thoroughly check for and clear any clogs or debris in the unit’s drain channels.

The air conditioning maintenance checklist will likely also include an inspection of the coil fins. An AC unit’s air flow can be blocked by a number of factors, and bent coil fins is one of the more common reasons. A fin comb may be used to reshape the coils to their original state.

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Check for Problems Ahead of Time


The worst thing that can happen during an uncomfortably hot midsummer night is to find out that your air conditioning unit lost efficiency or broke down completely before you really needed it. Be prepared. Turn it on weeks before the hottest part of the summer closes in. Try a test run for an hour or so, just to see if it still works well and whether there are problems that should be dealt with through air conditioning maintenance before the peak heat season arrives.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance is Worth It

For skilled and efficient air conditioning maintenance, it is advisable to contact a professional company to do all of the check-ups and legwork involved in thorough and proper cleaning of the unit. Not only will you avoid compromising the quality of your unit, you can also ensure your own safety and peace of mind. Find a reliable company in your area and consult with them for affordable rates for air conditioning maintenance.

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