When to Maintain and Service Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Planning ahead and maintaining your heating and cooling systems makes sense. But just when is the best time to do that in the Sacramento area?


If you’re a well-organized and prudent homeowner, you’ll always want your heating and cooling systems in optimum condition any time of the year, before the extremes of hot or cold weather hit. To cover all the bases, include in your decision the following points:

  • Service all equipment on a schedule based on a combination of recommendations by the manufacturer, advice of your local HVAC pro determined by inspection and familiarity with your system, and an evaluation of the conditions under which the equipment has been operating.

  • Choose a time when you can comfortably expect mild weather between the extremes with enough leeway to allow for down time, should there be any reason your services might be interrupted.

  • Consult with your HVAC specialist as to his workload so he can smoothly schedule you in.

  • If you have separate heating and cooling systems, you’ll want to provide a major inspection and service to them at least once a year prior to heavy use. This doesn’t include more frequent recommended upkeep steps, such as changing of filters.

  • If your heating and cooling systems are combined, this would naturally entail inspecting and servicing at least twice a year; once before onset of the cold season for the furnace side and once before the hot season for the AC. This is an added advantage, since the elements of both systems can be checked twice a year.

Best Times of the Year for Servicing Heating and Cooling Systems


According to statistics, on the average, Sacramento area weather exceeding 85 degrees extends from Late May or early June through much of September. For cooling systems, this leaves the months from the end of September through to late May before they will be pressed into service, with a red flag in early May as nearing final optimum timing.

However, one should also consult projected weather conditions for any particular year. The record high shows the same temperature minimum reached back as soon as the beginning of March and ending by late November. This would mean raising the red calendar flag for as soon as mid- February!



For cool weather, the start of average temperatures below 72 degrees starts at the beginning of November and extends to early April. This places the best average heating and cooling systems service times right up into early October.

During hotter years, this season might continue until December and January, allowing for later optimum furnace service. Average coolest month: December. Remember, this is the daily high we are talking about, so night time temperatures are much lower. If this concerns you, move your furnace service closer to the warm weather months.

Plan Ahead for Optimum Heating and Cooling Systems Services

Nearly any HVAC company will try to service you quickly, even under the most pressed circumstances and in the midst of the highest highs or lowest lows. But waiting for that may leave you cooking or freezing while your AC or furnace is being fixed.

There is also an extra incentive in scheduling ahead with a company offering deals with service plans and money-off coupons. And your HVAC professional will appreciate doing the work at a comfortable pace in comfortable conditions. Start your planning today!

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